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Tinka Gordon 07947 311 501

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We restore beautiful things

We have 30 years experience in restoring antiques, ethnographic art and Mid Century  to Modern objects and furniture.

We work with museums, collectors, artists, dealers and householders to restore objects of personal or commercial value.

Through our extensive knowledge of materials and making processors we are able to restore objects without compromising their authenticity and unique spirit. 

We also offer a bespoke mounting and stand making service to augment the display of fine art, masks, jewellery and other crafts.

We can offer restoration of wood, metal, ceramic and upholstery as well as carving, pigment matching, painting, gilding, lacquering, touching up works of art, french polishing and refinishing of 20th century objects.

Get in touch if you have something you value and would like restored, reshaped or reformed in some way.

Do not discard - reuse, recycle, revive, reform - RESTORE!



Our earth is very vulnerable, we are running out of resources and so conserving, what has already been crafted is vital if we are to live in a sustainable and responsible way.

Repairing, reusing, remaking and restoring is a way of saving our earths valuable and finite resources, please bring us items to restore and bring back into use. This will bring you great pleasure and it will be helping to sustain the earths resources in a very real way.

Dont discard - reuse, recycle, revive, reform - RESTORE!



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Please contact:

Eric Blackburn
07415 860 711

Tinka Gordon
07947 311 501

or email us at


Dont discard - reuse, recycle, revive, reform - RESTORE!

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